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Terms and Conditions of This Website

We know that it can be boring but please take the time to read through this page, because it is important. It contains not only our disclaimer of liability but also the terms and conditions under which you have our permission to visit this website.

Your permission to use this site

As is usual with nearly all websites on the Internet, your use of this site is strictly governed by these terms and conditions and it is imperative that you accept every one of them, failing which your permission to use this website is withdrawn immediately and you should leave it straightaway. You should also destroy any copies that you have of it.


To begin: this website is and it is owned by Prudent Plus Limited of Booths Park, Chelford Rd, Knutsford WA16 8GS. The person responsible for maintaining this site is Peter Fox, and any enquiries regarding our terms and conditions should be sent to him.

For clarification: any references to 'the company', 'we', or 'us' refer collectively to Prudent Plus Limited, it's directors, managers, contributors or any other person or business connected with the creation, maintenance and hosting of this website.

Purpose of this website

This website is designed to provide some information about a range of products or services, and it contains links to other websites which we believe to be of interest to our visitors.

Geographic limitations

This website is designed to be browsed by persons over the age of 18 who are permanent UK residents. If you live in a different country it is likely that you will find the contents of this website misleading and so you should leave this site immediately and pay no attention whatsoever to it's contents.

Accuracy of information on this website

Whilst we have made what we consider to be reasonable efforts to give accurate information only we do not under any circumstances guarantee that we have been completely successful. Furthermore we may or may not maintain this website in the future which can lead to information becoming out of date and therefore inaccurate. You agree that you will not pay any attention to the contents of this website were making any decisions whatsoever, and that you will seek properly qualified advice before entering into any agreements, whether financial or not.

Stability of this website

It is an unfortunate fact that the Internet, despite more than 20 years of development, is still a very insecure medium. Information that you send over the Internet can be intercepted by determined people, and websites no matter how well they are maintained can never be guaranteed to be completely secure. There are many mischievous or criminal minded people out there attempting constantly to break into all kinds of websites in order to either alter the information on them, or inject malicious code which can be downloaded by visitors without their knowledge.

We can make no guarantee whatsoever that this website will not be hacked in this way you therefore agree that we cannot be held responsible for any consequences whatsoever that befall you as a result of unauthorised access to this website.

Sites that we link to

We provide links to websites that we consider to be of interest to our visitors and we have made what we consider to be reasonable efforts to ensure that these websites are run by honest and ethically minded people but times change, sometimes websites get taken over by people other than the original creators, and sometimes the policies of these original creators alter. You agree that we can accept no liability whatsoever for any consequences which befall you as a result of visiting websites via a hyperlink on this website.

Our contractual relationship

Since there is no charge for visiting this website you accept that there is no contractual relationship whatsoever between you and the company. As a consequence you agree that you cannot make any claims of any description against the company for negligence, breach of contract or for any other reason.

Copyright issues

All images and copy on this website are created by or for the company and we therefore hold copyright on all this site's contents. If you believe that we have breached your copyright in any way please contact us as soon as possible using the information on our 'about us' page and we can then settle the matter quickly and amicably.

Alterations to these terms and conditions

We reserve the right to make any alterations we wish to these terms and conditions, at any time, and these terms and conditions will come into effect from the moment that they are printed on this page, and we therefore recommend that you read it on any subsequent visits.

Governing body

This website has been created within the United Kingdom and so the laws and practices of the United Kingdom are it's sole governing authorities. Any disputes regarding this website must be settled, if court action is necessary, in a court of the United Kingdom. No other jurisdiction will be entertained.

Your acceptance of these terms and conditions

It is mandatory that you accept all of these terms and conditions in full. By continuing to browse this website you signify that you do in fact accept them. if you cannot accept any of these terms and conditions you must leave this website immediately.

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