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Privacy Policy of This Website

Sadly there is very little privacy on the Internet, with, in particular, a number of major websites designed to extract as much personal information about visitors as possible. We are different. We have no wish whatsoever to gather and store any information at all about our visitors, which can personally identify them.

Who we are

This website is and it is owned by Prudent Plus Limited of Booths Park, Chelford Rd, Knutsford WA16 8GS. The person responsible for maintaining this site is Peter Fox, and any enquiries regarding our privacy policy should be sent to him. Contact details are on our 'Contacr us' page.

Information that we do gather

The web server that practically every website on the Internet is hosted on collects statistical information about visits to that website. This information does not include any personal details about the visitor.

It does record the fact that certain pages have been visited, how long do visit has lasted, and what images and other web content was viewed. It also gives information about the type of device that the visitor used whilst browsing the site, including the operating system, browser, viewer size, and other details about the computer, mobile phone or tablet.

It must be stressed that none of this information can be related to any particular identifiable person.

Information you may provide us with

You may decide to email us or contact us via some other medium. We will therefore have access to your email address as well as any other information that you choose to give us. This information will be stored on our computer system, but the sole purpose of storing it will be to answer any queries that you may have made. it will not under any circumstances be used to send you what is commonly called 'spam' or other marketing attempts.

Security of your information

Information that you send to us will not be kept on a web server but on a secured computer, in encrypted form. No persons other than those authorised by Prudent Plus Limited are able to access this system.

Your access to data we hold about you

You are legally entitled to ask any company which holds information about you in electronic format to provide you with a copy of this. The UK legislation that lays this down also permits the company holding the information to make a reasonable charge for this. You are further entitled to insist that any information that is held about you is accurate, and that any inaccuracies are corrected within a reasonable time.

Whilst it is extremely unlikely that we will hold personally identifiable information about our visitors we will of course comply with any request for access to this data, provided that we have acceptable evidence that the person asking for this information is the same person that it refers to.

Transmission of personal information to other entities

Bearing in mind the fact that we will not normally hold any information about any person other than that which is given to us voluntarily, we will not in the normal course of events transmit this information to any person or business for commercial reasons. We do however reserve the right to provide information to legal authorities or other major institutions if we believe that by doing so we can prevent crime or harm to other people.

Deletion of your personal information

We will be happy to delete any information that we hold about you and which is capable of personally identifying you, within a reasonable time of you request in this, subject to sensible safeguards to protect your privacy.


Throughout the more than 20 years that we have operated on the Internet we have never found the need to make use of cookies and we have no plans at present to do so. This situation may change in the future, in which case our cookie policy will be published on this page.

Websites that we link to

This website contains hyperlinks to other websites which we believed to contain contents which may be of interest to you. You should bear in mind that once you leave this website by clicking on one of these hyperlinks our privacy policy no longer applies, and you should therefore check on the privacy policy of the site that you are transferring to to make sure that it is in keeping with your wishes.

Changes to this privacy policy

We may be obliged to change this privacy policy to comply with legislation or to accommodate changes in our business practices at any time. we therefore recommend that you re – read this privacy policy on future visits.

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