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All shops are unique, with different needs, and so it is important to get the right policy. Depending upon your requirements a clever system can select up to three insurance providers from a whole panel of specialist shop insurance groups, who will work hard and use their own contacts to look for the best policy to meet your needs. You can then compare prices and benefits and select the one that suits you best.

Companies on the panel include:

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Aren't quotes available online?

Online quotes for shop insurance can be promised by companies that don't really deliver them. In order to get the best policy for your shop without paying for unnecessary cover it may be advisable to get the help of a specialist insurance provider. After all, shop insurance is significantly more complicated than car or home insurance!

Why would it benefit me to deal with an insurance provider?

  • There is the possibility that accidents, theft, compensation claims, illnesses caused by your products, or even employee related damage may be a danger to your retail business, and the right insurance providers could help you minimise this risk. A specialist can help you decide on the most suitable insurance options, as well as look for the best policies for you.
  • Regardless of how large or small your business is, specialist shop insurance brokers can save you time and effort by helping you look for the right cover that meets your individual requirements; quickly and much more easily.
  • Just like with price comparison sites, insurance providers usually receive commissions for the policies they sell. This means that it is unusual for you to have to pay anything extra for the professional services of a specialist insurance provider.
  • In addition, if there is a claim, dealing with someone who thoroughly understands your business could be a very helpful experience!

Is my data safe?

All the insurance providers on the panel are fully Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which not only insists on the highest standards of ethics and data security, but which also has considerable powers to enforce this.

Do I really need insurance?

As a shop owner you not only owe a responsibility for safeguarding your customers, employees, suppliers and other third parties, but also your own property and that of others. That's why it is important for every organisation to prioritise making sure that it is protected against the unexpected.

What kind of insurance would I need?

Shop insurance has a few core components, but you can customise your policy to cover the risks specific to your own individual business. In other words, you decide what cover you want, and what the maximum sums assure are. Common requirements are:

  • buildings and contents cover: Fire and Flood are the most common risks but you can also probably insure against other hazards such as vandalism, theft, terrorist action, social unrest or many other potential threats to your livelihood. your stock may be at risk as well as the building itself and in the event of a loss some insurers may offer fast payments for cash flow purposes.
  • employee liability insurance: in case any of your employees become injured at work, or ill because of their employment, carrying employee liability insurance could protect you from claims and is, in any case, likely to be a legal requirement.
  • public liability insurance: running a shop means dealing with customers, suppliers and the general public. although it isn't a legal requirement, if there was injury or loss caused to any third party as a result of your business activities, having insurance to cover your liabilities could be crucial.
  • Professional indemnity insurance: your shop may need this type of insurance cover if you offer advice or expertise to clients or customers. if you are held liable for negligence or a client is dissatisfied with your advice it could be very wise to have protection against any possible claims.
  • business interruption insurance: if events beyond your control force you to close your shop or your business is disrupted in some other way a policy of this kind might indemnify you against subsequent losses.
  • product liability insurance: if you manufacture or even alter any product and it causes loss or injury to any person, you or your business could be liable for compensation.
  • legal costs cover: settling compensation claims are not the only expenses you may face in the event of a claim. Sometimes the costs of litigation if you defend the claim can be very heavy, even if you win the case. A good legal costs policy may indemnify you against both the costs of your defence and any compensation order that is made against you.

Not every shop, of course, will need all of these protections, but liability claims can be extremely expensive, and there are hundreds of accidents reported every day, so the right policy can help you protect your business, so that you can concentrate on growing it. Get quotes now!

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