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Potential Perils of UK Travel Insurance

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When you plan a trip for business or pleasure, you might want to think about getting a travel insurance policy, especially if you will be going overseas. They key is to find a plan that suits your needs and is affordable at the same time.

Your options

You will discover that travel insurance policies come with a wide range of choices, and there are many plans available that you can customize to meet your specific requirements. In addition, most of them provide coverage from ten days to two years.

The coverage that most travel insurance companies offer includes protection from the theft or loss of personal belongings or luggage, medical expenses, emergency evacuations, and protection from the acts of terrorists. Policies are also available to cover policyholders if they plan on participating in activities that can be regarded as dangerous, including skydiving or mountain climbing, and they have lower age limits than the standard travel insurance plans.

The three many categories of travel insurance are single-trip, annual multi-trip, and specialised plans. The third type is designed to meet the needs of certain travellers who are going on a specific kind of trip, such as purchasing ski travel insurance before you leave for a ski holiday. Other factors that will influence your choice of a plan will include whether you will travel as a family or in a group, your age, and whether you are taking the trip for business or pleasure.

The expense of travel insurance

Because the cost of a policy is both subject to regulations and predetermined, pricing between insurance companies is generally consistent. As a consumer, you will want to understand clearly what your coverage includes, and you should also read the exclusions, limitations, and eligibility requirements that are found in the policy brochure, Then, if something unexpected happens while you are away from home, you will know exactly what you can expect from your insurance plan.

Reasons for buying travel insurance

Medical coverage is a major reason for buying travel insurance because, as a rule, you will discover that your health insurance policy will not apply outside of the UK. Note that medical treatment and transportation can be costly for a foreign visitor, especially if you are in a remote location and have to be evacuated for the emergency medical treatment you need.

Another advantage of having such a policy is that you will be covered financially if you have to cancel a trip or flight when something unexpected happens, including an illness or death. If you have no travel insurance, you cannot be certain that you will receive any kind of refund, much less total reimbursement for your travel expenses.

When your policy does not apply

An exclusion is anything your policy does not cover, and this is explained in detail in your policy booklet, which you should read carefully since every plan has its limitations. Such restrictions usually include damage, injury, or loss from a large-scale, exceptional event—including radiation, an enemy invasion, war, and the pressure waves that supersonic aircraft can cause.

Your policy may also exclude self-inflicted illness, injury, or suicide; participation in certain dangerous sports; your violation of the law; travel to a location that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised you not to visit; and “loss of enjoyment.” You also may not be covered if you have a medical condition that could lead to a claim, if your physician has warned you not to travel, or if the purpose of your trip abroad is to receive medical treatment.

If you are over the age of 65, some companies may not be willing to sell you travel insurance unless you take out a special policy intended for your age group. (One exception is that many single-trip policies now have no age limit.) Also, some companies may not insure you if once had, or are currently suffering from, cancer or some other serious pre-existing medical condition. If they are willing to insure you, they may include a cancer-related exclusion in your policy, indicating that you are not covered for any claim related to that condition. There are of course specialist insurers that arrange cover for people in these categories.

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