Tenant Loans


Tenant loans can be difficult to find, particularly if the client has a poor credit record but there are a few brokers with excellent contacts who can usually  arrange a very competitive quotation. The cheapest loans are of course for people with a good credit record and to qualify you would need to have been in regular employment for the last three years, with no rent or existing loan arrears and no CCJs (county court judgements).

If you have a good credit record and are looking for a loan of between 500 and 25,000: please click here for Unsecured Loan

If you have a poor credit record and are looking for a loan of between 1,000 and 25,000:  Please click here for  Tenant Loan

Looking for a small cash loan of between 50 and 500? Bad credit including CCJs may not be a problem. Please click here for   small cash loans  272.2% APR Representative

Need a loan of up to 750 to tide you over until your next pay day? Bank account with debit card required.  PayDay Loans

Been turned down for a credit card?

With an individual credit limit you may well qualify for a Vanquis card despite credit problems in the past or even CCJs, provided that these have been cleared. Holding a card could help to rebuild damaged credit and get you back on the credit ladder! For a one minute application and no annual fee please click here for a Vanquis Credit Card

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