Can I Tax a Car Using  Short Term Car Insurance?  (Answer: YES if you use the right company)
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The most common question that we get asked is 'can I tax my car using short-term car insurance?' and there is a lot of confusion about the correct answer, although it is really quite simple.

You cannot always tax a car online, or by telephone, using any new insurance policy, whether short term or not, as soon as you have bought it because although the insurance company normally informs the DVLA about the policy details on the same day their database is not always as up to date as it should be so it could be several days before you can be successful but you can do it at a GPO provided that the insurance company will allow this. A few providers of short-term insurance, however, refuse point blank to do this but the company that we link to are perfectly happy to comply.

The DVLA renewal form (V11) clearly states that downloaded documents are acceptable; photocopies are not. However if you are in any doubt (or come across an unreasonable post office employee) you can ask this company for an ORIGINAL for which there is a small extra charge; just click on the "provide original cover note" option and they will send you a legally acceptable, hologrammed cover note and post office staff should accept this.



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