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Fast cash loans are available from between 50 and 500 (perhaps even more after you have built up a relationship with the lender) which makes it ideal for those little emergencies that crop up sometimes. A bad credit record including CCJs (county court judgements) is not necessarily a problem with this type of loan even if you have been turned down elsewhere and no security is necessary . 272.2% APR Representative. You would normally receive your cash very quickly, and sometimes on the same day if necessary.

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Please note that these loans are ONLY available to applicants over the age of 30.

If you are in regular employment and your wage is paid into a bank account a cheaper, as well as faster, alternative may be a payday loan. These are designed for those occasional emergencies when sudden expense crops up or there are just too many days between one payday and the next! They are for sums between 80 and 750, can often be paid into your bank account the same day and are usually paid off in full after the next pay cheque. Lenders require their clients to have a debit card and there are usually no credit searches or employee enquiries necessary although if you have no objection to a credit check it can speed things up considerably.  It is often possible to roll over payment until yet another payday but bear in mind that these loans are expensive if used like this and a conventional loan would almost certainly work out much cheaper for anything other than a very short term loan.

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Need a bad credit loan, 250 to 15,000?

Yes Loans are  Britain's largest arranger of unsecured loans, providing  35% of all unsecured loans in the UK. Their loans do not require any security, and are available to both both homeowners and tenants, regardless of their credit history. They can even arrange loans for students, and for people who live at home with their parents,  and they specialise in helping those who have been turned down by high street lenders as well as those who have had credit problems resulting in  CCJs, mortgage arrears or loan defaults.

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It has to be borne in mind that the interest rates charged on small cash loans can be very heavy indeed, and many people feel that this is completely unfair to charge so much to people who are the least able to afford it. Unfortunately, the fact is that the rates can be justified by the fact that collection costs for small loans are very high, and the default rate tends to be quite high too. Indeed over the last few years a number of companies which offered this type of loan have suffered huge losses and by the withdrawn from the market completely, or even gone out of business.

A number of government initiatives have been suggested to enforce lower interest rates or decrease other charges for sub prime loans but it has been pointed out over and over again that the only affects of this will be to force the current lenders out of business, and this will mean in turn that people who need credit will simply not be able to obtain it From any source whatsoever.

Bear in mind that monrylenders are not the only option; click here for more information on how to get a loan despite bad credit


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