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Uses of Short Term Van Insurance

Motorists may need temporary van cover for a variety of reasons, from personal use to business use. Some policies do exclude certain types of business use, however, such as taxi usage or courier deliveries. It is possible to include more than one driver on a policy.

Personal Use

Private motorists commonly need temporary van cover to insure them whilst driving a van that they don't own. One of the most common uses of vans is to move home or deliver or collect their own goods. Motorists may borrow a friend's or neighbour's van or may even hire one expressly for this purpose; but they should take care in the latter case, however; most insurers exclude cover on hired vans. Another common use of vans is for long motoring trips whilst on holiday. Families or groups of friends may take a van for a few weeks' time. Some insurers also offer temporary cover for campervans, as well.

Business Use

Businesses often use temporary van cover to insure drivers for short periods of time. Businesses operating multiple vans might have a single policy covering all vans or they might individually cover vans. Regardless, amending such policies to include additional drivers is time-consuming and expensive. Each additional driver's risk profile impacts the cost of the insurance, so businesses might see their premiums increase dramatically. A way around this is to purchase temporary cover for these drivers. Some policies may allow for the extension of the 28-day policy; others might require a 15-day waiting period for the same driver on the same vehicle. Business owners should check to make sure their employees have the proper cover.

Disallowed Use

When purchasing temporary van cover, motorists must provide information about the use of the van. Many short term van insurance policies explicitly state that vans may not be used to transport passengers for hire or reward. Taxis and private hire vehicles operate under different regulations than other types of businesses and they have their own insurance rules. In the same vein, insurers often limit the number of seats in a van usually to 8. Motorists should not try to get around this business exclusion; should an accident occur and the insurer finds out that one was transporting passengers for hire, the policy would be void. Some insurers also exclude the transportation of goods for hire or reward. This would exclude delivery drivers unless the delivered goods were owned by the insured, so owners of such businesses need to pay attention to small print in the policy document.

Taxing a Van

Downloaded insurance cover notes cannot be used to tax a vehicle but most insurers will post out a proper embossed or hologrammed  cover note for an extra two or three pounds. This would meet all the legal requirements for taxing a vehicle and should be accepted at any licensing office.

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