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 Types of Short Term Van Cover

Temporary van cover is available in the same main types as other motor insurance: third party only or comprehensive. Businesses operating vans and insuring their employees with temporary van cover might need additional cover for goods.

Third Party Only

Legally, motorists are only required to have third party liability cover. This covers the costs of a third party's death, bodily injury, or property damage. Depending on the policy, it may or may not cover passengers in the motorist's own van. It does not cover the motorist's injuries or damages to the van the motorist is driving; the motorist would be responsible for those.


Comprehensive cover usually insures both third party liability and the motorist's own injury and damages. It also includes provision for loss or damage due to fire and theft. Some policies cover damage to windscreens and may provide for repairs with a small excess, around 50. Sometimes temporary van cover also includes temporary breakdown cover; it depends on the insurer. Policies may cover the contents of the van, perhaps even the audio equipment, to a specified value limit. Motorists should remember that there are many exclusions and no insurer claims to cover a van in 100% of cases. This is especially true of temporary cover, so motorists need to read the small print.

Police reports indicate that more than 47,000 commercial vehicles are stolen each year, so comprehensive cover may offer motorists more peace of mind.

Business Use

Businesses that purchase short term van cover may also need another level of protection if they are using the vans to transport goods. Business owners should research the "goods in transit" option comprehensive policies may include some cover, up to a certain limit. But if the vans will be transporting valuable goods, an additional policy specifically covering the goods may be a wise choice.

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