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Basics of Short Term Van Insurance

For motorists who need to temporarily drive a van whether for private or business use, short term van insurance is available to fulfil their insurance needs. This is cover that lasts for 1-28 days. By law, all drivers must be insured to use vehicles on public roads or other public places and short term van insurance satisfies these legal requirements.

Finding Cover

Like short term car insurance, short term van insurance may be purchased online and can usually take effect immediately. Motorists simply need to type in all the required information – this can take as little as a few minutes – and they'll be notified automatically if approved and payment can be made online with credit or debit cards for immediate cover. Policy documents may be downloaded or e-mailed to the motorist straight after purchase so motorists can immediately print out their certificate of insurance, or if they need a formal one one to tax a vehicle it can often be posted to them for a small extra charge.

Amount of Cover

Like other forms of vehicle insurance, temporary van cover comes as third party only, or comprehensive. All of these satisfy the legal requirement of third party liability cover, but the policy may cap certain amounts. For example, many temporary policies limit the total amount they will pay for third party property damage, perhaps to 5 million. Policies also, like all other insurance policies, contain exclusions so it is always wise to read it carefully.


Insurers inevitably limit their cover. Most have a list of exclusions that detail when the policy will not cover accidents; for example, many policies will not cover claims where a van has been used at a rally, racetrack, or other competition. Policies that would normally pay for legal expenses might exclude cases where drugs or alcohol are involved. A comprehensive policy may not cover loss from theft if the van was left open or unlocked. Insurers also exclude certain business uses of the vehicle such as carrying goods or passengers for hire or reward. Motorists need to check the small print so that they're not unknowingly in violation of their cover.

Uninsured Driving

Driving without insurance is a criminal offence and may have serious consequences. Police are empowered to spot-check and should they catch uninsured drivers, they can be liable for a substantial fine plus 6 points on a driving licence or even heavier penalties. Police may also seize and destroy uninsured vehicles. Motorists must be vigilant and ensure that they and the vehicles they drive are properly covered - the police have very sophisticated ways of knowing that a vehicle is not insured nowadays.

Click here for a 1-28 days quote!

Or click here if you need 1-8 months cover

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