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 Eligibility Requirements

Temporary van insurance is not available to everyone for every van. Insurers have eligibility requirements for both drivers and vehicles, so as to limit the risk they face of having to pay out on an excessive number of claims. The two most important factors determining driver eligibility are driving history and age.

Van Requirements

Vans must meet certain requirements for cover. Many insurers require that a van's value fall into a specified range, sometimes 1,500 to 50,000. Different insurers have different upper and lower limits. Most insurers will not insure vans that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes or that have more than 8 seats. Vans usually cannot be modified, unless modifications were done at the factory or are to provide access to disabled motorists or passengers. Many insurers also require that vans be registered and housed in the UK. Most insurers also limit what a van may carry. For example, policies usually don't cover vans that will be used to transport hazardous materials. Some vans may also be denied cover due to use; if a motorist plans to use it for an excluded purpose, then the insurer won't offer cover.

Driver Requirements: History

Insurers want motorists to have clean driving records, but they recognise that's not always the case. They will accept a certain number of offences in a driver's past, varying according to the insurer. Some only allow drivers to have 6 or 8 penalty points in a 3-year period. They may not accept drivers who have had more than 1 or 2 fault claims over any 3 years. Some won't cover drivers if they've ever been disqualified from driving. Some won't cover drivers if they've ever had offences that involve theft, fraud, or motoring offences caused by alcohol or drugs. Motorists with current police enquiries or pending prosecutions will also likely not be offered cover. Drivers must hold full licences to operate the type of van they will be driving; most companies accept EU licences, but some require UK only.

Driver Requirements: Age

Insurers often set age limits for motorists whom they will cover. Many set a minimum at age 23 or 25. A few might cover 21-year-olds but none of them will offer temporary cover to motorists below 21, however. Their reasons are quite simple: young drivers are the riskiest to insure. They're the most likely to be involved in an accident and they have the highest proportion of fatal accidents of any age group. Insurers may also set maximum ages, usually 75. Most also require that motorists have held their licence for at least 12 months. Insurers may set different ages or licence requirements depending on the type of van the driver will be operating.

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