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 In the Event of an Accident

Should a motorist get into an accident in a van they're driving on a temporary van insurance policy, or indeed any other type of policy, there are certain things he or she must do. It's important to get as much information as possible in the immediate aftermath of the accident; this will help the insurer process the claim more efficiently.

Collect Required Information

Though accidents can leave motorists shaken, they need to collect all the required information. This includes the other driver's name, telephone number, address, registration number, and insurance information. Motorists are required by law to give their insurance information to the other party involved in an accident. If motorists have a camera, they may want to take a picture of the accident. Motorists should make note of where the accident occurs, including road names, approximate distances to notable features, and so on. They also need to record the time and date of the accident. It's helpful to note the weather at the time, as well as the road and visibility conditions. Also identify damage to the vehicles and any injuries that are immediately obvious. Independent witnesses are helpful in determining liability, so motorists should be sure to collect their contact information. Motorists should not discuss culpability with the third party; that's the role of the insurer.

Report the Claim

Motorists should follow the directions found in their policy documents when reporting a claim. Insurers may require that they report the claim online or they may have a telephone number for motorists to call. It's best if motorists immediately report the claim or possibility of a claim. Insurers may assign an incident manager to guide them through the claims process. They will likely ask motorists to submit their account of the accident in writing, along with any evidence. Any legal documents or letters need to be sent to the insurer immediately and motorists should never respond without the insurer's permission.

Insurer Actions

If the damage is covered under the policy, insurers will pay for the loss or damage or will pay to have it repaired. They may elect to replace damaged parts with equivalents that are not supplied by the original vehicle manufacturer. Given that the motorist may not be the owner of the vehicle, insurers may settle claims with the motorist or with the owner of the vehicle itself. In the former case, it is then the motorist's responsibility to liaise with the owner.

Up to 20% of UK drivers may be driving uninsured. Some temporary van policies include provisions for uninsured loss recovery, so motorists may want to check.

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