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(1) Car or van insurance for between one day and 28 days

Short term vehicle insurance is now readily available in the UK, including very short period cover from as little as one single day. Most conventional insurance policies will cover your car for a full year, but there are occasions when you will need temporary cover for a week, a month, or perhaps only a few days. For example: brief, three day insurance policies are very popular in the motor trade when dealers need temporary motor cover for a car or a van that they have just bought from an auction or private seller, and very short period insurance for as little as a single day is popular amongst people who need to cover a car that they have just bought, or who have borrowed a motor, or lent one to a friend, for a few hours.  Whatever the need, cover is available on a temp basis under this type of coverage for a wide range of vehicles for anything between one and twenty eight days. Fully comprehensive short-term motoring coverage is available in the UK and many companies throw in basic third-party cover throughout other countries in the EEC too, which can be upgraded to fully comprehensive for a small extra fee. A full UK or European driving licence is normally essential, and often a licence for other countries outside Europe is acceptable. An imperfect driving record with a few penalty points is usually okay and many popular, modern cars can be covered. The joy of most temporary car policies is that they can be bought and paid for online with immediate cover, and policy documents can usually be downloaded and printed out on your home printer which means that you can legally drive the vehicle immediately.


(2) Coverage for between one month and eight months

There are some occasions when you might need not-so-short period coverage for several months; people who are emigrating, in the UK for just a short while, home from university, between jobs, waiting for a company car etc may not need a full year's insurance policy and short term insurance is available for these clients as well, on a month to month basis. The way that it works is that you pay for each month in advance by standing order and each month a reminder is sent out to you about the next payment; if you don't cancel at that stage the next payment is deducted and you are insured for another month. There is a minimum one month and a maximum eight months limit on these policies.

To sum up: short term vehicle insurance is available for anything between just one single day, and eight months. In addition there is a new policy providing short term car insurance for learner drivers.

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