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Please note that these loans are available to home owners only. If you are NOT a home owner please try here.

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Secured loans are probably the cheapest finance you can get these days apart from first mortgages which are getting harder and harder to find without a huge deposit! Many people feel that an unsecured loan is safer to take out because the lender cannot (they think!) snatch their house back in the event of a default; this way of thinking is erroneous I'm afraid, if a homeowner defaults on an unsecured loan the lender is perfectly entitled to ask a court to secure the loan on the debtor's property and the court would have difficulty in refusing so you may as well have the lower interest rate in the first place is my opinion. Another advantage of secured loans is that in the event of a temporary problem many lenders tend to be more patient when the loan is secured against a good property since they are likely to get paid in the end one way or another anyhow!

It's important to bear in mind though that no matter how many times we see the warning ' you may lose your home if you fail to pay for your loan' or something like that, it still remains very true so if you're not confident that you can repay it, don't take it out says I. If you do take one out and get into difficulties though, please contact the lender with an explanation straight away, it is likely to be appreciated and it could avoid unpleasantness. 


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