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Insuring your quad bike

Traditional insurers don't often cover quad bikes. Specialty insurers are the preferable option for quad insurance. They have detailed knowledge about what kind of cover one needs as determined by the use of the bike for business, transportation, or leisure and most importantly, if the quad will be on the road.

Driving on Standard Roads

To drive on standard roads, people need third party cover to insure the costs of damage to others' injuries and property. Drivers can get this in the form of third party only, third party theft and fire, or comprehensive. Comprehensive cover is the most expensive, potentially costing several hundred pounds more than alternatives. It includes cover for the driver's own injury and damage, making it worthwhile for some, especially commuters. For a cheaper option, drivers can choose third party theft and fire policies with additional personal injury protection. Third party only is the cheapest option. Drivers can also opt to purchase additional cover like breakdown, personal injury, or legal expense.

Driving Only Off-road

Off-road only insurance is usually cheaper because drivers don't have to pay for third party cover. Drivers can get traditional-type vehicle insurance to cover theft and fire. Insurers will cover utility, sport, leisure, and junior quads for use at home, at racetracks, and at practice grounds. But if drivers plan to drive their bikes to and from these off-road locations, they'll need third party cover. Off-road only cover may cap the number of miles a quad may travel on standard roads. Such policies may also include extras like cover for helmet, leathers, and tools.

Factors That Increase Premiums

Most insurers won't cover 17-year-olds; some even have a minimum age of 21. Parents may need to add their teenagers to their policies as second drivers to cover them, which increases premiums. Young drivers also have a lack of driving history and zero no claims bonus, both of which increase premiums. Drivers who modify their quads will have to pay higher premiums. This can make some reticent to disclose their modifications, but they should be careful: failure to disclose might invalidate their policy. Finally, use affects premiums. If drivers plan to drive on standard roads, in traffic, that will increase their premiums since it increases the likelihood of a claim.

How to Reduce Premiums

The most important way to get lower premiums is to keep a clean driving record. One's bike no claims bonus does lower insurance for quad bikes, so drivers should make a point to gain and keep it. While some security measures are required by insurers like having a ground anchor and locked chain others are optional. Given that quad bikes are a common target of theft, insurers often reduce premiums for having advanced security features like approved alarms on the garage and bike or tracking devices. Some organisations have deals with insurers by which members of those organisations get discounts on cover; drivers should always ask.

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