Lexus, the luxury, prestige automobile division of Toyota Motors, is one of the best selling luxury car on today’s market. The Lexus was first introduced in the US, and are now available all over the world. In fact, it was in 2005 that Japan launched the Lexus marque, continuing the worldwide growth of Toyota’s luxury division. The Lexus F1 project took hold in 1983, leading to the creation of the Lexus LS in 1989. This was followed by the additions of SUV models, sedans and coupes. The hybrid drive trains were introduced in 2005, and the F marque division opened in 2007.
The Lexus has always been manufactured in Japan. The first Lexus built outside Japan was The RX, manufactured in 2003 as the RX.

As noted by various surveys, Lexus is rated as a superior car since 1989. Its reputation for customer service and reliability is high. Throughout 2008 the Lexus has been named among the top five luxury automobiles in terms of reliability.

More About the F1 Project

Eiji Toyoda began the F1 project in 1983. He called together company executives in a secret meeting where he asked, “Can we create a luxury vehicle to challenge the world’s best?” The F1 project led to the Lexus LS 400, which was meant to ultimately expand the product line for Toyota to an upscale market. The success of the F1 project’s was the prior success of Toyota’s Supra sports car as well as the Toyota luxury Cressida models. Both of these automobiles held a powerful engine and were rear wheel driven.

In 1985, researchers from Toyota came to the US to hold focus groups and research on luxury car buyers. The researchers concluded that a sales channel and a separate brand would be necessary in order to introduce its luxury auto. A number of new dealerships were created in the US to address these findings Toyota then created Team One to market the new luxury automobile. An imaging consulting firm was hired to take care of the marketing needs. They came up with several names for the luxury auto including Chaparel, Calibre, Alexis, Vectre and Verone. Alexis won out and was later changed to Lexus, associated with luxury and elegance. The Lexus slogan became, “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection”. The Lexus logo and name were featured in 1988, at the New York, Chicago and Los Angeles auto shows.

The Launch of the Lexus after extensive development came in 1989, resulting in the Lexus LS 400. This luxury auto made its debut in 1989 in Detroit at the North American Auto Show. The Lexus was offered to the public at 81 US dealerships. It sold for around $38,000. When the LS 400 debuted, Mercedes-Benz and BMW took quite a hit, with the LS 400 riding well ahead of the Mercedes 420 SEL and BMW 735i in regards to performance, ride and handling.

In 1991, Lexus took first place in studies done by J.D. Power in terms of customer and sales satisfaction as well as quality. Over the next few years, several Lexus models were introduced including the first luxury Lexus sport’s vehicle, as well as the crossover SUV.

In 1999, Lexus had sold more than a million vehicles in the US market. It also took first place as the best selling luxury car manufactured in the US.

Lexus broke away from Toyota in 2005, creating its own organization with separate engineering, manufacturing, training and Lexus design. At the same time, Lexus dedicated itself to a growing global launch including its home market in Japan. Lexus sold in 57 countries by 2007, in countries all over the world.

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