Enzo Ferrari was born in Italy in 1898. His dream was to become a race car driver, and in 1919, he raced in the Targa Floria, finishing in 9th place. He was noticed in this race and was hired by Alfa Romeo, joining the Targa Floria in 1920, finishing second in a modified production car.

In 1923, Ferrari was presented a squadron badge by Count Enrico and Countess Paolina, parents of the heroic Italian pilot Francesco Baracca. The badge had a yellow shield and a prancing horse in its design. Ferrari stayled with Alfa Romeo for a number of years but only built a few automobiles that were named Ferrari and sported the badge design given to him by Baracca’s parents. Enzo formed the Scuderia Ferrari team in 1929. The team took part in twenty 22 competitions and won eight races and several top finishes.

Ferrari left Alfa Romeo in 1940 and created a company named Auto-Avio Costruzioni Ferrari. During World War II, the company moved to Maranello and was, unfortunately, destroyed by bombs. The company was rebuilt in 1947 and the first Ferrari car – the 125 Sport was built. The 125 Sport won many races, and in 1947, and Ferrari went on to win over 5000 races around the world.

During the 1970s, Ferrari sold 50% of his share capital to the Fiat Group. The sale however did not have a major affect on Ferrari’s goals, and the brand name continued to produce high-end, exclusive cars. The 308 GT3, 308 GTB and the 365 GT4 BB were introduced during this time with Fiat remaining in the background as a part owner.
Fiat’s stake rose to 90% during the 90s, and the remaining shares were owned by the Ferrari family with Enzo’s son Pietro named vice president. The 1980s saw Fiat's stake in the company rise to 90 percent, with the remainder being owned by the Ferrari family. Enzo's son Pietro was named vice president. During this decade, Enzo died in 1988. After his death, Ferarri models including the 288 GTO, Mondial, the F40 and Testarossa were launched. With the death of Enzo, some of the racetrack glory was lost, but this quickly changed when legendary racer Michael Schumacher was brought on to the Ferrari team during the mid 90s. Schumacher won several notable races driving the new V12 grand touring model.

The Ferrari team had lost some of its lustre on the racetrack since the death of Enzo, but all that changed when it ushered racetrack legend Michael Schumacher into its ranks in the mid-'90s. Schumacher was responsible for several notable wins, and helped restore much of the legendary brand's glory on the track. At the same time the 550 Maranello and the new V12 grand touring Ferrari models were introduced as well as the F50 super car and the F355 sports car.

The new millennium saw Ferrari launching a variety of models, among whose highlights included the 458 Italia, 599 GTB Fiorano, Enzo and F430.

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