The Bentley Motor Car Company began its origins when W.O. Bentley, a railroad apprentice at one time, had a raging desire to own a company dedicated to racing cars. In 1919, Bentley Motors won claim to fame with autos that raced in major racing events – claiming victory in at least four events from 1923 to 1931.

Even though racing was his passion, Bentley quickly realized that marketing a car dedicated to racing alone was quite limited. Thus, he began building cars with a rolling chassis that caught the eye of wealthy clients who held little interest in racing.

A strong competitor for the popular Rolls Royce and other British luxury car builders, the Depression took its toll on Bentley and the privately funded company eventually sold out to Rolls Royce in 1931, with Mr. Bentley working for Rolls Royce for a period of time. The era of Rolls Royce/Bentley was noted for the sporty aspects of a luxury car, but certainly did not offer the impact that the Bentley offered before World War II. Known as the hot rod Rolls Royce, it was a popular choice among younger executives who enjoyed the thought of driving a 3.5 liter Rolls Royce engine planted in a sporty body.

The post war Bentley was introduced as the Bentley Mark VI or Rolls Royce Silver Dawn, which sported a unique grill. In 1952, the Rolls Royce racing hot rod idea was reintroduced as the R-type Continental, which was a coupe offering high speed touring capabilities. Later on, the auto took on more elements of a racing car, offering speed up to 150 miles per hour, with seven second zero to sixty miles per hour acceleration.
During the 60’s, Rolls Royce became part of Vickers. Vickers, in turn, brought back the exceptional performance standards that the Bentley was famous for, and it quickly enjoyed the status of high quality among those in sporting arenas

Today, those who have the money to purchase a Bentley enjoy the signature performance and distinct hand crafted elegance of this motor car. As a matter of fact, the popularity of this prestige car leaves even the wealthy on waiting lists.

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