Are you looking for a year's car insurance with a low deposit and monthly payments?

A few insurers allow clients to pay monthly, with a low deposit.  There are two search engines here to help you search for both the lowest priced policies, as well as the lowest monthly payments for your next policy. You can compare additional benefits too, as well as check on whether or not you can cut the cost of your insurance by reducing your mileage or increasing your voluntary excess.

Click here for a monthly payment price comparison

Are you looking for up to one month's car insurance?

You can insure a car for between 1 day and 28 days, which incidentally is the minimum period that you would normally have to have cover for in order to tax a vehicle.

Please click here for  1 to 28 days cover


Are you looking for month-by-month car insurance?

If you are not sure how long you want insurance for, or you are looking for cover for longer than a month but less than a year, this highly flexible option may be the answer.

Click here for month by month insurance (minimum 1 month, max. 8 months)

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