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Mortgages have become more difficult to get hold of from the bigger lenders, particularly for the self-employed, people looking for a large mortgage or those with past credit problems but there are still plenty of lenders around with ample funds to lend out. The reason why the larger banks have run into difficulties is because they have relied upon borrowing money from day to day from international sources, and then lending this money out on mortgages for anything up to 30 years at a time. The problem of course is that when a credit crunch comes the money that they borrow can dry up completely or they may even have to repay it, despite the fact that they have already handed it over to home buyers! Traditionally of course building societies used to raise most of their funds from local people who would invest their savings for the long term; the building societies had a large measure of control over the interest rate they paid on these savings and the interest they charged to borrowers, thus ensuring stability. Now the rates that the banks have to pay are governed by international factors which are completely out of their control. Fortunately not everyone has joined in with this monetary madness! Here are scores of sources of mortgages and remortgages contrywide, so you should find your ideal lender here.

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