Are you looking for an annual policy that you can pay for monthly with no deposit?  A month-by month policy that you can cancel when you no longer need it? Or short term insurance for between one and 28 days? All are available; details below.

Please select the type of policy you are looking for.

1) One day to one month short term insurance

Provided that you are between 18 and 75 it is possible to buy car insurance for between 1 day and 28 days.

2) Month by month (Pay As You Go) car insurance

For various reasons some people simply do not know how long they will need car insurance for so a really useful facility is the ability to buy insurance on a pay-as-you-go, month-to-month basis, with the ability to cancel when it is no longer needed. Payments are usually by standing order or direct debit, and towards the end of each month a renewal notice is sent out; you have the option to cancel at this stage and the premium for the following month would only be debited if no cancellation was received. There is usually an eight month maximum period on a policy like this, during which the monthly premium cannot rise provided that there are no changes in circumstances. Provided that drivers are aged over 25 it is often possible to get a multi-car policy covering up to four cars and four named drivers.

3) Yearly policies, paid monthly.

Most of the major insurance companies are quite happy to accept monthly repayments, subject of course to the customers status, but hardly surprisingly they nearly all charge extra for it and although there are offers, from time to time, of zero interest for monthly payers these offers usually don't last very long. However, a good way to find the lowest cost policy would be to use the Quotezone comparison site; it not only checks the latest offers and compares prices for annual policies but also gives you a list of monthly repayments too from many of the UK's leading insurers. Companies that accept monthly repayments don't normally ask for a deposit but you do usually have to pay the first payment in advance. Their entry form is a bit long and asks quite a lot of questions but they do need this information in order to find you the lowest quote so it could be well worth the 10 minutes or so you would have to spend.

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