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Mezzanine Funding for Builders and Developers.

 Obtaining a constant supply of finance for the development of new build projects can almost be as difficult as finding the projects themselves, particularly now the credit crunch is biting hard, and then almost inevitably no soon is one project is underway then the next business opportunity presents itself in the shape of that ideal plot of land or re-development scheme.

 Mezzanine Funding can play a very important role in the fast growth of companies in the building industry and has applications for a wide range of schemes including: new housing, commercial property, industrial estates, retail development and a whole range of conversion projects.

 For most builder and developers Mezzanine Funding is viewed as an essential part of their business and when structured properly will protect cash flow and at the same time aid profits.

It works like this; Mezzanine Funding is essentially a loan that sit along side (or behind) a conventional bank loan. The interest rate is generally more expensive but the advantage is gained in the extra cash that is released and by putting the conventional loan and Mezzanine Funding together the client can obtain maximum financing.

 Cash flow is protected as the debt associated with Mezzanine Funding is generally settled in a one-off payment from the proceeds at the end of the development or by a re-finance package rather than being paid month-by-month over the period of the development. Therefore there is no immediate strain on cash flow and the Mezzanine element is redeemed relatively pain free.

There is an art in structuring a Mezzanine arrangement properly, and to soften the financial implication Apple Mortgages Limited will negotiate with the parties involved and endeavour to reach agreement that the Mezzanine loan sits behind the conventional loan, thus minimising overall costs and potentially adding to the bottom line profit.

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