Elephant.co.uk is a UK based car insurance company that was formed in August of 2000. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Admiral Group, and operated by EUI Limited, which is based in Cardiff, Wales. The Admiral Group includes Admiral car insurance, which offers standard car insurance policies, but specializes in multi-car policies. Elephant was originated by Admiral as the UK's first online-only provider of car insurance and it now has a customer base of over 350,000 UK drivers. The company currently employs more than one thousand people, and is run by Brian Martin, who holds the position of Managing Director.

Elephant.co.uk provides competitive car insurance rates for UK residents all across the UK, including high traffic areas such as London, the Southeast region, and Scotland, where premiums are usually higher than other areas. They are also known for their support of wildlife foundations, namely Tusk and the Born Free Foundation. Tusk is a charity promoting the conservation of African wildlife, and the protection of endangered species in particular. Elephant has been involved with Tusk since 2004, and has donated more than 30,000 pounds to help fund projects such as the Mkomazi Reserve in Tanzania and the Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Project in Kenya. The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity dedicated to reducing the suffering of animals and compels people all over the world to treat all creatures living among us with respect. Elephant has supported this charity since 2000, and has contributed to projects such as anti-poaching patrols in Zimbabwe and the Elephant Transit Home in Sri Lanka.


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Since it's launch in 2000, Elephant car insurance has been known for it's low budget TV commercials featuring Trunkie, the cartoon elephant who also appears on all of the company's printed material and in the company logo. The voice of Trunkie is currently supplied by Nick Frost, the star of Shaun Of The Dead. Elephant.co.uk is currently the only UK car insurance provider that uses a URL as their brand name.

Owing to the fact that Elephant has lower overheads than car insurance companies that maintain physical offices, they believe that they can offer more competitive rates than other insurers. They offer free online quotes that consumers can obtain in minutes, as opposed to waiting on hold or for someone to call them back, although they do have a national rate number you can call should there be any questions or concerns about the quote you receive. Their secured website also makes it safe to make payments online, but payments can also be made by phone through the national rate phone number as well. Their website allows customers to manage their car policy online as well.

In addition to offering cheap car insurance rates, there are other benefits you will find that are offered by Elephant as well. They can offer free European cover for up to 90 days, and if you are a comprehensive policy owner, you may also be entitled to a free courtesy car provided your car is being repaired by an elephant.co.uk approved garage. Other comprehensive policy benefits normally include personal injury cover, Sat-Nav and stereo cover, free windscreen repair, and up to 100,000 pounds of legal protection. They also provide a named driver no claims bonus for elephant.co.uk policies.

While Elephant is known for their competitive car insurance rates, the also have a variety of other insurance related products as well. Breakdown cover can be added to your car insurance policy by simply calling their customer service line. Besides single auto and multi-car insurance policies, Elephant also provides cover for motorbikes that includes free legal expenses cover. They also offer van insurance for commercial vehicles.

Elephant has also partnered with Warranty Direct to be able to offer their customers car warranty cover as well. This means that should your vehicle break down due to electrical or mechanical failure, not only will the cost of the insured parts be covered, but the cost of labour will be covered as well. Considering that some garages are now charging anything up to 120 pounds per hour for labour alone, this is an Elephant.co.uk offering that may be worth looking into.

Elephant also offers home insurance products. They offer building insurance which provides protection from fire, escape of water, subsidence, water freezing in domestic water or heating installations, storms and floods. Their home insurance cover includes damage to underground pipes and services, sanitary ware, ceramic hobs, and accidental damage to fixed glass. House contents cover includes up to 250 pounds for damage to your garden as well as protection against theft or attempted theft, accidental damage to home computers and audio and visual equipment, and damage caused by a flood, fire, or storm.

Elephant travel insurance can cover you for cruises, ski trips, backpacking, or whatever you are doing when travelling abroad. Their travel insurance includes 24 hour emergency support, up to 25,000 pounds in personal accident cover, and up to 10,000,000 pounds in medical expenses cover.

As with their car insurance products, quotes can be obtained within minutes for any of these insurance related products by simply visiting elephant.co.uk and filling in the proper information.


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