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The UK Tradesman's Insurance Market

It is imperative that small business owners have a Tradesman Insurance package that can meet the needs of their venture, covering the basics of public and product liability and going on to secure whatever other aspects of the operation need special protection. Not only is it required by law to meet basic insurance requirements as a small business owner, but also covering your investments and employees against harm is a cardinal principle of good proprietorship.

Public Liability

This portion of basic Tradesman Insurance covers you if the event that legal proceedings are filed against your business for any reason. While it may be considered a drawback that business owners should have to pay out monthly for this insurance, in the event that you are prosecuted (guilty or innocent) this insurance can save you a fortune in legal fees.

Tools and Equipment

For a tradesman, tools are one of his most valuable possessions, as they used every day to bring in profit for the business. Insuring your tools and business equipment can save you a fortune in the event of a mishap, as a majority of the business capital for any tradesman’s small business venture is tied up in the equipment and tools in his shop.

One drawback to this insurance is that, typically, you will need to prove that your negligence did not play any role in the damage or loss of your tools and equipment. For instance, if a burglar bypasses your alarm system, you will be covered but if you forgot to set the alarm one night before going home, that is an entirely different story and you will probably not be covered for your loss.

Employers’ Liability

If your employees are injured on the job, you may be liable to pay for their medical bills, lost wages and even for pain and suffering. A single injured employee can bankrupt a small business if your UK tradesman Insurance does not include significant liability coverage for each of your employees.

While you will definitely want to cover all of your regular employees against liability, you should also strongly consider purchasing extra liability insurance for any temporary employees that do odd jobs for you now and again. While the added expense is a definite drawback, businesspersons than cover all their bases and are rewarded richly with peace of mind.

UK Tradesman Insurance can help you to operate your business each and everyday without the ever-present dread of life’s little accidents and problems. Choose premium coverage that fits in with your budget and move your business forward, unhindered, into success.

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