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The UK Office and Surgery Insurance Market

Opening your own business can be a dream come true but without the proper insurance coverage, that dream can fast become a nightmare when unexpected calamity strikes. UK office and surgery insurance can help you to prepare for life’s unpleasant surprises, allowing you to focus on what really matters; becoming the best provider in your field.


The primary advantage to getting proper UK office and surgery insurance is the fact that your business will be following the letter of the law. If you have any men or women currently in your employ, it is required that you provide basic liability coverage in order to keep your doors open for business.

Apart from legalities, office and surgery insurance can protect you in so many ways from the negative arrows that fly at business owners every day. Here is a breakdown of the three major UK office and surgery insurance types that you may consider for your business coverage.

Buildings Insurance

The building that houses your business is one of your biggest investments and as such, needs to be insured as a means to secure that investment. If your building is broken into you will need every detail from the making of new locks to the repair of damages covered by your insurance, or you will be left cleaning up your burglars mess on your own.

If vandals decide to target your business, office and surgery insurance can be a lifesaver, as it will covers glass panes and other cosmetic damage that your building has suffered.

Contents Insurance

When you have your contents insured, most companies will cover your contents even when they leave the premises, if they are still in your name. Your employees’ personal possessions will also be covered (up to a specified amount) even your company mobile telephones can be covered.

Tenant’s Improvements Insurance

If you are renting the building out of which your building operates, you may wish to let your UK office and surgery insurance cover the improvements you have made on the property during your stay. While this type of coverage is usually optional and therefore an additional expense, if you have made a significant investment on improvements in your rental building, it may well be worth the expenditure to protect your upgrades against theft, vandalism and natural disaster.

UK office and surgery insurance can be a business owner’s best friend; as it gives you peace of mind by securing your many investments against harm.


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