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Churchill Insurance is People Oriented, and That's Just Good Business.

See a jowly, jolly bulldog whose catch phrase is a cheerful, "Oh, yes!" and you know we're talking about Churchill Insurance. One of the first direct motor insurers in England, Churchill Insurance is now placed to offer much more than car insurance - home owner's insurance, insurance for travel and pets, vehicle insurance which can also cover vans and motorcycles and even assistance in the event of a breakdown.

There are many benefits to the insurance offered as standard through Churchill Insurance: for example, with their car insurance a five year guarantee on any repairs that are performed through a Churchill approval facility; accident recovery on a 24/7 basis; coverage for personal belongings that may have been in the car if your car is stolen or vandalized;  No Claim Discounts which you can choose to protect after four years if you've never made a claim. Most important, Churchill does its best to make sure that their rates are affordable and that their coverage is comprehensive.

For a small monthly fee, Churchill Legal Assistance Service will make sure that you are covered if you ever need a solicitor to collect on losses that may not be included in your insurance policy and they extend their protection to include anyone who may have been legally driving your car or any passengers who were in the vehicle at the time of the accident. There is even a provision, if you choose comprehensive cover, for your medical bills if you have been in a crash through no fault of your own, and they could assist you financially if you were too injured to return to work immediately, with a guaranteed Hire Car to make sure you have a vehicle to get around in while yours is undergoing repairs or replacement.

Winners of several Your Money awards, Churchill Insurance is a people-focused business, one that actually listens to its customers. For the past five years, Churchill has made a point of phoning a random sampling of customers (about 1,000 per month, every month) to talk with them about their concerns, to ask what additional kinds of insurance they would like to see Churchill offer, to make sure that they have the right coverage, and just to check in with customers to ascertain their level of satisfaction. In this day and age, that's going the extra mile.

Churchill makes it easy to get quotes and estimates. Simply call or go online to get an immediate quote for your old or new car, home, pet, van or motorbike. They have a dedicated team of customer service professionals standing by to answer any questions you might have about a new or existing policy.

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