Cutting Car Insurance Costs


How to reduce insurance costs with car security

Many years ago I owned rather an old Ford Cortina, but I also had the benefit of driving a company provided vehicle, also a Ford Cortina. I kept on my keys on one single key ring, and then one day I inadvertently put my old, well worn key into the ignition of the bright shiny new company car, and surprise surprise, it fitted and I was able to start the vehicle was no trouble! Needless to say stealing the car was not terribly difficult in those days, and most others had to rely on devices like sturdy steering wheel lock in order to secure our vehicles.

Times have changed considerably and key technology has advanced to the point at which it is virtually impossible to start a modern car without the correct key. Thieves are, if anything, pretty adaptable people however and it did not take them very long to realise that most people had started to rely upon the fact that their keys were very effective in keeping their cars secure, which meant that the easiest way to steal a car was to first of all steal the car keys! Many people are reluctant to carry big Bunches of keys around the house with them so as soon as they walk in through their own front door they dropped them on the door side table, and then concentrate on important matters such as winding down and enjoying a good meal! All our friendly neighbourhood car thief has to do is steal those keys; sometimes they don't even have to enter the house at all since they can fish the keys from the table using a hook on the end of a rod; if they do in fact have to enter the house this is not necessarily a difficult task for a skilled burglar, using simple techniques that you will have to find out about elsewhere! The car is then stolen; since the keys are missing it is obvious that they have been used to take the car but there are often no signs of whatsoever of a forced entry into the house.

Very often getting hold of the keys is even easier for an enterprising thief. A set of keys is bulky and so it is very tempting to leave one in the pockets of a jacket or overcoat which can then be taken off and hung up in a restaurant, golf club, swimming pool or whatever; it is usually a simple matter for these to be stolen.

To make life a little more difficult; all insurance policies for cars stipulate that the policyholder is expected to be reasonably careful about security matters; if a car is stolen by someone using the car keys most insurance companies will raise a query, many of them will refuse to pay out on a claim on the reasonable grounds that the owner could have been negligent in allowing the keys to be taken in the first place.
So how do we protect ourselves against this? Firstly, there would be no point in a burglar breaking into a house in order to steal the keys of a car which was securely locked in a garage! Another a huge disincentive is the use of a good modern, visible steering wheel lock using a combination rather than a key lock. A hidden immobilising switch as well as a tracker device would make your car as difficult to steal as possible meaning that the average thief would move on and pick on someone else instead!

Insurance companies are very keen on car security, which is hardly surprising; and often of the more security measures that you undertake, the lower your premium is going to be. 

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