Female? How to choose the best car insurance


There is a common misconception at the moment that females automatically get far lower car insurance quotations. This is certainly true for people in the lower age ranges; young women under the age of 25 may not have fewer accidents than the males of their own ages but those accidents that they do have tend to occur at lower speeds and therefore cause less damage, and subsequently less expense for the insurers! This is not necessarily the case however when women get older, and when they approach their sixties insurance premiums tend to be higher, if anything, than they are for the men. Is this because women become worse drivers as they get older? No, this is not necessarily the case. It is the fact that under the age of about 60 the average mileage the women drive is relatively low; this is because if they have a husband or male partner he generally does the bulk of the driving, statistically speaking. This means that when a woman retires from work and has more leisure time she is likely to travel a greater distance on her own, again speaking statistically, and with far less experience than the male of her own age. This means that she is more likely to have an accident and, sadly, this also means that insurance premiums will rise.

Another common misconception is that in order to get the lowest possible insurance quotation a woman should go to an insurance company or broker which specializes in dealing with female clients. The fact that someone is male or female is, however, only one factor in a large number of more important ones which decide just how much she is going to have to pay; what is much more relevant is her driving record, where she lives, what her occupation is, what type of car she's driving, where she garages it, and a whole host of other items which affect the premium. There is no getting away from the fact that the best way to find the lowest cost insurance, or the best cover for the money, is to shop around, and the easiest way to do that is by using the top price comparison engine which will be able to check out all of the main insurers in order to get you the best deal.

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