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The Advantages of Breakdown Insurance

After the car breaks down while on holiday, on the way to work, or even while sitting at home is usually when people begin to consider purchasing breakdown insurance. It’s too late for this occasion, but you can be ready next time. Not having breakdown coverage for your auto can be much more costly than paying the annual fee. The average cost to be towed off the motorway is 150 pounds. Having someone come and charge a flat battery can be at least 66 pounds.

Once you have decided to purchase breakdown coverage for your auto, it is time to decide just what kind and how much coverage you want. There has been a vast improvement in the types of breakdown insurance available. This has caused an influx of different providers and a large variety of different levels of breakdown cover. There are two main types of cover:

1. Standard Breakdown Cover is the most common and convenient. You pay an annual fee upon signing up for the coverage, and when you call for help during that subscription period, the service is free, depending on what level of coverage you have selected.

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2. Pay and Reclaim Breakdown Cover is probably the cheapest type of coverage you can get. With this type of breakdown insurance, the company won’t have its own patrol and recovery vehicles, in which case they use local breakdown services. You will also have to pay the breakdown company upfront and then reclaim the money from the insurance provider later.

Once you’ve decided which of the two types of breakdown insurance you want, consider what services you want included in your policy. At the least, your coverage should include:

1. Roadside Assistance – This offers services away from home like fixing your vehicle at the roadside, if possible, or towing to a garage to be repaired. Some plans have a message service that keeps you informed of the status of your vehicle or lets family know that you have broken down.

2. Home Call Out - This provides breakdown assistance at your home.

3. Vehicle Recovery – This service takes your car anywhere in the UK mainland and provides transportation for passengers to their destination.

4. Onward Travel coverage provides you with a rental car for one to two days, insurance for that car, and a hotel for you while your car is being repaired.

5. Personal Cover is coverage for any vehicle that you may be travelling in.

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