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Pamela Dawson, a lady in her mid-forties lives in Crewe in Cheshire in a home she shared with her husband John until he sadly passed away five years ago after an unexpected heart attack. Although she had held a driving licence for many years John had always done most of the driving throughout their twenty five years of marriage and after his death she decided to sell the family car; after all her eldest son Peter lived only half a mile away so he and his wife Sue were able to take her shopping every week. She always missed the convenience of having her own transport though, and often regretted having sold it.

Her chance to drive again came last year. Peter and Sue booked a week's holiday on the Portuguese Algarve and planned to either drive to Manchester Airport and park there, or go by taxi. Having been rocked back on his heels when he found out the cost of parking at the airport or the long taxi journey, Peter had a brainwave; why not lend his car to his mother, in exchange for which she could drive them there, and collect them on their return? Pamela leapt at the chance and since she had heard that it was possible to buy just a single week's short term car insurance she was soon online getting a quotation. It was only when she started filling the forms in that she realised with a shock that since her son and daughter-in-law were leaving early on a Saturday morning they were not returning until late the following Saturday so she actually needed eight days of cover, not seven! This proved to be no problem at all though, since she was able to select any length of cover from a single day right up to 28 days. It took her just five minutes to fill in the forms and pay online for her policy, which she booked to commence at 5.00am the following Saturday morning. At 6.00am that day she picked them up and delivered them safely to the airport, enjoyed the use of their car for a week and then collected them, tanned and relaxed, at the end of their holiday. Peter and Sue had enjoyed stress-free transport to and from the airport, and Pamela re-discovered the joys of having her independence back again which made her mind up for her; she is now the owner of her pride and joy, a two year old Vauxhall Astra she bought online at a bargain price just a few days later.

As a footnote, by having her own transport she was able to widen her social circle, which led to her meeting Gerald, who proposed to her three months later and at the time of writing this they are discussing marriage plans; sometimes life can change unexpectedly for the simplest of reasons!

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